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Hello Everyone!

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Hello Everyone! Empty Hello Everyone!

Post  Goldbach on Mon May 30, 2011 5:34 pm

.....I stumbled upon this website through another website, and boy was I pleased to see we finally have something getting organized in fayetteville for fishing.
 My name is Darren, and I've been living in Hope Mills & Fayetteville since '95. Been fishing since I was yay big, (thanks Dad). And I prefer freshwater over saltwater. If I had my choice I would fish everyday all day, but I cant be broke, and it's HOT here. I dont have many fishing buddies because if they dont catch anything quick they get bored, so I'm glad there are meet ups here.
Although the fishing kind of sucks in fayetteville, simply because everything is so "private". It's almost as if you dont know someone you can't fish in fayetteville.
......I used to do a lot of my fishing while in hope mills, at Timberlake, where I caught my biggest fish ever 5#, 6#, 8#. Unfortunatly the lake is sourrounded by houses now, fished out, and people are quick to call the police if you are seen fishing there. This season I have been stuck fishing Hidden Lake. Huge bass there, but its just postspawn there and they are still a little finicky. Hope to talk with you all soon!


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Hello Everyone! Empty Re: Hello Everyone!

Post  Backlash on Mon May 30, 2011 6:54 pm

Welcome Aboard, Darren!! We're glad that you found us. We're having a meeting Thursday, June 2nd at Capt. Jerry's Seafood on Reilly Road at 630PM. You're welcome to join us and it will be a great opportunity to meet some of the old timers.

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