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Lake Jordan Shorefishing

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Lake Jordan Shorefishing Empty Lake Jordan Shorefishing

Post  CalebFish on Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:26 am

Last weekend I took a trip to Lake Jordan to do some camping and shore fishing.

I was located at campsite #252 in the Parker's Creek section, a few guys and myself decided to take a walk down the "Beach Trail" to see if we could find a protected area on the shoreline that could hold some catfish.

When we found a good looking spot at around 6:00pm we set up and dropped lines immediately. We brought lighter tackle to catch baitfish as well and cut up a few bluegill. Surprisingly we had 0 hits on the cut bait, 2 hits on nightcrawlers, and around 5 hits on King Kat doughbait. 

The reason that I say this is surprising to me is that I have never once caught a fish off of doughbait... Am I just doing something wrong with the cut bait? Because I feel like I should have caught more fish on the cut bait than anything else or at least that is what I am told...

Any tips for cut bait would be appreciated!


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