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Slimed my boat today

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Slimed my boat today

Post  Deepblu505 on Thu Aug 07, 2014 4:55 pm

Went out on Upchurch for a few hours this morning to try out the kayak after I had it rigged. My hope was to tool around the lake with my trolling motor. But that was no meant to be. Got there and my battery was dead. It has been on a trickle charger since the last time I used it and the other day in the driveway it worked fine, needless to say I should have checked last night and charged it. 
Anyway back to the sliming part. Went to our super secret carp spot, I got anchored up( another thing I was looking to test out and it works great) and then started throwing a brown bead head leachy looking thing with a marabou tail. I hooked up after maybe 30-45min. I was a nice carp not quite long enough for points, but it pulled like a freight train. But my anchor held and after a few runs back and forth I got to see it. I brought it to the side of the boat and it pulled a Bowfin on me, splashed me and took off again. I got him back to the boat and realized that I did bring my net so I reach under him and started to lift him out of the water. Now you are all probably wondering where is the pictures of this magnificent fish are. Well, I did have my camera and the battery was charged. Just as I  started to lift him into the boat he jerked wildly and came out of my hand and back into the water. I still had my finger on the line and the fly rod in my hand but there was nothing on the other end. I pulled my leader in prepared to be mad at myself expecting a pigtail were my knot had been. But to my surprise the hook had broke just behind the eye.

I had hit a snag a few cast before that and had to pull the fly off of it. when I got it back the gap was bent wider. I just used my pliers and re-bent it. Guess that was enough to weaken it. Lesson learned If I get a snag so hard it bends my hook, it is time to change flies.

Well tomorrow is another day and my battery is on the charger now!

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Re: Slimed my boat today

Post  Coach on Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:42 pm

Great report. I hope to see your new ride up close sometime.

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