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Shoe Boxes for Christmas

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Shoe Boxes for Christmas Empty Shoe Boxes for Christmas

Post  Backlash on Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:57 pm

Here's a great way to support someone who is deployed during the holiday season. If your like me the fishing magazines accumulate quickly around house and here's a great way to see that they get some further use. Additionally, we all know what it means to receive something from home particiullarly at the holidays. Please, read Hal's request and take your box to Power Swain or you can leave them with me at the Pechmann Center and I will deliver them on December 7th.



Adopt A Soldier for Christmas with your SHOEBOXES full of goodies!!!!!

I have been given the red light as to when the shoeboxes will be picked up so that they can make it in time to our Military Men and Women in the Desert for the Christmas Holidays. The deadline is December 10th, they will be picked up from my office at Powers Swain Chevrolet in Fayetteville, NC (910 864-9500) on December 11th and will be put on Santa's camo sleigh to get to our Troops in time for Christmas!

If you have ever been a way from your family at Christmas in a foreign land and you received a "Care Package" from home then you should remember the great feeling that you had when you opened it? I know I did.... Well, just think what it means to our troops when they receive a package from a complete stranger? As I have been told personally by those that received the boxes, it made them proud that people cared about them and some even told me that it brought tears to their eyes to think that someone that didn't know them would care enough to send them something from home for Christmas!

I have attached what the troops need while serving the Desert, but you can use your own thoughts and make it as personal as you can for them. We have had children to make cards and send little letters to wish them a Merry Christmas. You can go to the Dollar store and get your plastic boxes for a dollar or use your own shoe boxes. They don't have to be wrapped if you don't want to. If you do wrap them, please mark Male or Female.

Won't you please help me fill my office up again this year and help to make a big difference to a young Man or Woman that will be gone form their families for the Christmas Holidays?

Thank you for your support,

Hal Abshire

Below is a list of suggested items, However you can add more to what you might think that would be nice to have for a Christmas Shoebox:

Candy ( Heat Resistant)

Writing paper & envelopes, pens & pencils

Dental floss, mouthwash, toothbrushes & toothpaste

Instant coffee, Hot chocolate, creamer, Gatorade & tea powdered drink mixes

Games, board games, checkers & chess travel size

Crossword puzzles & playing cards

Books, magazines (old & new) take your addresses off

Baby wipes, nose spray (saline), eye drops, deodorant, famine hygiene products (female troops)

Foot powder, hairbrushes, hand lotion & hand sanitizers & nail clippers

Q-Tips, disposal razors, shampoo, sunscreen, tissues, body wash, wash rags

Prepaid phone cards

Snack bars, beef jerky, canned fruit, cookies, granola bars, gum

Cards and Letters of thanks and well

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